Evaluation Task #4 – How I Used Technologies

Thoughts that were not included in the video;

Camera – I think using the GoPro has helped me to better understand the uses of different types of cameras, and in the future I will know what is better suited for certain jobs.

Photoshop – My continued use of PS throughout my coursework has helped my to better understand the program in its entirety on many different levels, and I feel comfortable creating new pieces with it now.

Digipak Advert #6 – Final Poster

The ‘chart position’ box didn’t go down too well, and it was also the main point that I was wanting to change. The other box had to go too since it would then look lop-sided. I got rid of them, replacing the ‘Buy the Album’ box with the ‘Available on iTunes’ logo beneath the album artwork. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out, because as soon as I finished the mock I really wanted to remove the two boxes, which I got to do!!

Digipak Advert #3 – Importance of Print Adverts



Print adverts are of huge importance to the promotion of an artist and their music, being small and quickly digested by people they can make a big difference in the success of an artist’s product. First of all they are easily distributed and can be placed all around, making them easy to spot on walls, vehicles and billboards. This widespread exposure allows greater promotion for the artist, and gets their product out into public. After gaining the publicity it’s a matter of getting the right information out there and making it appealing so that people will pay attention, and for an example I’ve used a poster made for Thirty Seconds to Mars’ album ‘This Is War’.

First of all the most eye-catching element of this poster is ‘WAR’, written in big, bold, white text filling more than half of the advert. War alone, being the touchy subject that it is, is likely to get people to take a second glance, and the possibly take notice of what the advert’s actually about. Other parts to make it stand it are the inclusion of things such as ‘Kanye West’, a big name star featuring in this new remake, and ‘Out Now’ which simply lets people know that something new has been released.

As far as actual information goes, it’s obviously very important for the artist to let the public know what they’re selling in order to earn money from their product. In my example it’s the new CD + DVD repackage of their album. The red font stands out clearly against the white background due to the contrast between the two colours, even though the text is very small. Once the information has been passed on the advert then needs to let the reader know when it will be out so that they can keep a look out for it in stores, in this case it’s ‘Out Now’. It would also be good to know where exactly people can buy it, however this particular example fails to provide a store/outlet that can distribute the product.

Overall, when creating a print advert for a product it’s important to make sure that you can attract people to the advert through images or important information and make sure that the info for the product is clear and easy to digest. Letting the reader know when and where the product can be bought is also crucial to a print advert, otherwise how will people know?